What are the Advantages of Having a Garage Door Screen?

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As we know our garage usually have closed space we are surrounded with walls and a door there is not too much light or air that comes through when it is all closed that is why putting a lifestyle garage door screen can really benefit us a lot. We often spend time in our garage or even just make it as a storage unit so it really serves us a lot of purposes.

1. Saves energy – when we have a big garage and we want to stay their fix our cars or some stuffs our garage can be another place where we can be alone and spend time with having this screen door saves us energy consumption since it allows light to come through we do not need to turn on our bulbs or any electrical source and that can save us a lot if we like spending a lot of time in our garage. It also allows air to come through we stay cool and well ventilated.

2. Privacy – choosing the right screen that would suit you and choosing a dark screen in case you want privacy can be an option you get to choose from a variety of shades and color that will look good and match your home plus you get the privacy that you need so that you can work during your free hours in your garage.

3. Protection from pest – having screen doors can really benefit you a lot because pest is not able to go through it especially mosquitoes that can cause sickness to the family so it is important to have screened at home because it is one way to keep us and our family protected from a pest.

What are the different kinds of screen doors?

  • Roll up screen doors – this type of screen doors are very affordable compared to the other types you won’t even need to spend more money in having somebody install it for you since it is easy to do it on your own. You can also easily remove it in case that you don’t want it on that moment you can just simply attach it at the top through a magnet, hook or a zipper so that you can just easily access it. It is totally easy to open and close.
  • Sliding screen doors – this system is much high tech compared to the others since you can program it to close and open like how your garage door is programmed of course with the use of a different remote control. This type of screen door can be costly but it is durable and can last for a long time and it is a much easy way of accessing it remotely instead of doing it manually.
  • Retractable screen door – this type of screen door is like a mix of the sliding and roll up screen door since like the roll up it is connected or attached to the heather above and like the sliding one you need to access it using a remote and when pressing the buttons on your remote it allows your screen door to go up and to go down.
  • Keeps your garage clean – when we open our garage door we cannot help it that leaves or other elements go into our home especially when there are cool winds. That is why it is important to have screen doors so that we can avoid this from coming in save us time in cleaning plus we maintain a clean and healthy surrounding.

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